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Mark Lomax, Candidate Photo

Mark Lomax

Bucks County Sheriff

Mark Lomax is a candidate for Bucks County Sheriff. He has over 35 years of law enforcement, leadership, and education experience. He retired as a major with the Pennsylvania State Police in 2008. Currently, he is the founder and President of Bridge to Unity, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving police and community relationships. 

Mark Lomax is committed to the values of transparency, accountability, fairness, and equality in our justice system.

Taiba Sultana, Candidate Photo

Taiba Sultana

Easton City Council

Taiba Sultana is a candidate for Easton City Council. Sultana grew up in a working class family in Pakistan and immigrated to Pennsylvania in 2003.

When her family was fleeing an abusive relationship, Easton welcomed them into the community. Taiba Sultana is committed to treating everyone with the same compassion she received. 

Taiba Sultana is currently a member of Governor Wolf’s Commission on Higher Education and a member of the college Textbook Policies Advisory for the Pennsylvania State Board of Education. 

Vishal Bajpai, Candidate Photo 2

Vishal Bajpai 

Harrisburg City Council 

Vishal Bajpai is a candidate for Harrisburg City Council. He is a law student and activist. 

Vishal Bajpai believes that local government should be working for the people. He is advocating for expanded tenant and worker protections, progressive investments in public safety, and a transparent budgeting process that will transform Harrisburg into a city that responds to the needs of the whole community. 

Gobal Balachandran, Candidate Photo

Gopal Balachandran

State College Borough Council 

Gopal Balachandran is a candidate for State College Borough Council. He had a long career as a public defender and is now an assistant professor of clinical law at Penn State. 

Gopal Balachandran has a campaign focused on treating all residents with equality and respect. He supports allocating resources to ensure community safety and well-being. He is striving to make State College an inviting, welcoming atmosphere for all. 

Yeaple Candidate Photo Square

Katherine Yeaple

State College Borough Council 

Katherine Yeaple is a candidate for State College Borough Council. She is an active member of the community, nurse, and a member of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). 

Katherine Yeaple wants to use this office to address disparities in the community. She is pushing for the creation of mental health first-responder units to respond to people in crisis in non-violent ways, adding affordable housing units, and creating an equity office to make the borough welcoming to immigrants, refugees, and people of color.

Tom Hasani Candidate Photo Square

Tom Hasani

Upper Moreland School Board

Tom Hasani is a candidate for Upper Moreland School Board. He served as a peace educator at the Peace Center in Bucks County, is currently a Trustee at the Upper Moreland Free Public Library, and is the treasurer of the Equity Alliance for Upper Moreland. 

If elected to the School Board, Tom Hasani will create a more equitable space for the children and families of Upper Moreland. 

Mariam Mahmud, Candidate Photo Square

Mariam Mahmud 

Central Bucks School Board

Dr. Mariam Mahmud is a candidate for Central Bucks School Board of Directors. She is a pediatrician, mental health advocate, and parent to four children in CBSD schools. 

Dr. Mahmud will work with educators and mental health professionals to increase access to social, mental, and emotional health resources. She will use her power to create a nurturing and inclusive learning environment for everyone. 

James Lee, Candidate Photo

James Lee

Lower Moreland School Board

Dr. James Lee is a candidate for Lower Moreland School Board. He is a second-generation Asian American. Over the years, he has been an avid supporter of many Lower Moreland School programs. He is currently a faculty member at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and parent of two Lower Moreland students. 

As a school board member, Dr. Lee would strive for accountability and transparency in how the board and administration works to resolve the challenges facing the community. 

Nicole Khan, Candidate Photo

Nicole Khan

Council Rock School Board

Nicole Khan is a candidate for Council Rock School Board. She has a masters degree in education and is a former elementary school teacher. She currently serves on the board of the Parent-Teacher Organization. 

Nicole Khan will be a thoughtful and consistent representative for all students and schools. 

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